APLGO Products (For United States Customers)

Over the past 10 years, the health and wellness company APL is now launching their marketing subsidiary, APLGO in the U.S. They are a direct selling company/manufacturer that has accomplished global success in this thriving industry.

And best of all, you are learning about APL at the right time. They are looking for associates who would like to join the community to share the good news about APL products and earn part time or even full time income.

Unique products are backed by and purchased from leading European scientists. These scientists specialize in the development of innovations and technologies in the field of highly concentrated and fast acting products, which are made from whole food, natural fruit, berries, and plants.

APL’s one of a kind products taste great. They’re designed to support a healthy diet and exercise while delivering fast acting phytonutrients to the cells of your body. In the form of convenient lozenge drops.

Accumullit SA is an advanced power accumulation technology that conserves essential nutrients and sustains phytonutrients. This technology utilizes the essential properties of plant cell particles that provide the instructions for new cell and energy production. These botanical particles are active and a hundred percent absorb-able. So each drop supports intracellular activities.

Each APL product is made from a carefully selected composition of fruits, plants, and herbs that work together to provide maximum cellular benefits, making them a breakthrough in health and nutrition.

The technological process uses the innovative technology of power accumulation inside special equipment. The plant components are processed under a turbulent airflow of negatively charged particles.

As a result, the components get additional energy and the most biologically active substances are released from the plants.

After activating and processing the plants’ resources, the caramel is then melted with the plant extract and other components like citric acid, coloring’s and flavorings using a standard process at a temperature of less than 80 degrees,

Our products contain only natural colorants meaning those that are extracted from brightly colored fruit and vegetables, such as blood grapes or paprika. That is why we can say that our products are absolutely natural.

When APL opened it’s own manufacturing plant, it was a new page in the company’s history. It was also a huge step forward in placing APL ahead of most competitors in the direct sales world. While other companies must purchase their products from a manufacturer, APL produces their own products, allowing them to offer a much lower price to their APLGO associates and customers than companies that rely on third party manufacturers. In fact, many companies experience price jumps and order delays when they fulfill orders but since APL owns its own manufacturing, it does not have those issues.

APL produces and APLGO promotes their own exclusive products. There is nothing like them in the world. You can experience 15 different all natural APL lozenge drops that include proprietary blends of various plant based materials. They’re highly valued ingredients and high absorption rates offer a true benefit to your well-being.

As a result of the Acumullit SA Technology, the products start acting immediately once placed in the mouth, the active agents enter the blood via mucous. And that is why APL drops have such a quick effect.

ALT is everyone’s easy breathing defense. It is infused with nutrients designed to support your body’s natural ability to defend against environmental irritants and airborne particles. It also helps maintain the body’s already normal breathing. It allows you to continue enjoying life’s activities and the freedom of healthy circulation and immunity along with a balanced diet and consistent exercise also helps oxygenation and effective nutrient delivery. Enjoy the all natural flavor of refreshing tart black currant berries.

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GRW also called Grow is a potent blend of nourishing botanicals that helps maintain healthful vitality and supports immunity. Grow works to activate an already alert, quick responding and efficient immune system, along with a balanced daily diet and consistent exercise to maintain the body’s vigorous energy. The nutrients in Grow provide some of the fundamental components to maintaining the body’s built in immunity and vitality. It unleashes the delicious, all natural grape flavor fresh from the garden.

Body’s ability to function accurately can be determined by two key factors, the availability and absorption of nutrients into cells and the release of toxins and waste from cells. This absorption of nutrients and the release of toxins from the body are influenced by a number of essential life circumstances, such as daily, nutrient consumption, elimination of toxins, age, physical activity, and more.

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MLS is a blend of 20 special botanicals to help activate the nutritional support your body needs to maintain healthy gut microbium and digestive processes in an already normal, healthy body system.

MLS can energize the normal process of maintaining the body’s natural defenses routine system, cleansing and rejuvenation. For overall nourishment, MLS is a prime choice. Many people look for help with delicate stomach issues and even occasional heartburn.

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ICE contains fresh botanicals recognized for helping support the body’s natural ability to regulate and balance its inner environment. It also helps mobilize the body’s healthy immune defenses to calm, occasional discomfort. Experience the refreshing awakening of the cool taste of mint with all the essentials meant for your body.

The magic of APLs product lies in their concentration, which multiplies their beneficial effect. That’s why you can see a health improving effect almost immediately. You will surely want to check out ICE. A very popular product for customers that experience stomache and digestion challenges.

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NRM also called norm, which helps maintain your glucose metabolism. Norm is a perfectly balanced blend of synergistic whole foods that supports the body’s natural ability to maintain a balanced metabolism and optimal energy throughout the day. Embrace the nutrients your body needs to help fuel life’s daily activities, such as normal metabolic adjustments that promote proper energy production and healthy circulation.

A healthy diet and regular exercise are important foundations for stabilizing and balancing it’s biochemical equilibrium

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HBR, which is short for HEPA features, a combination of natural cleansing and detoxification nutrients that promote whole body health throughout the day, along with a well balanced, healthy diet, how far can help support the body’s ability to neutralize and eliminate pollutants and toxins? How far is composed of a synergistic blend of beneficial whole foods, traditionally valued for assisting the body’s already normal, regular detoxification and elimination pathways, delight and HEPA real peach flavor.

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RLX referred to as relaxed is formulated to enhance your body’s ability to achieve relaxation and inner calm at all times, it contains active plant cell components that helps support the body’s ability to manage stress from daily living. It may also contribute to a blissful good night’s rest escape with the delicious tropical taste of all natural banana bliss. Take before bedtime and you will sleep like a baby.

This product has helped many get off harmful sleep medications.

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GTS or get strength is an innovative formula created to support overall daily health to ensure you’re feeling great and functioning at your peak GTS, activates your body’s natural vitality. And in turn sustains your body’s ability to maintain strength for fuel. GTS contains eight whole foods that naturally support the body’s energy production and overall vitality and vigor. Enjoy the all natural and delicious pineapple taste of the tropics and all natural ingredients, such as green tea, pineapple and gooseberry.

Human wellbeing is impacted by various factors of everyday and men and women experience the power of health and vitality when their cells are functioning properly. That is what keeps us well.

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PWR, our or Power Limit is an invigorating blend of potent whole food ingredients that helps support an active male lifestyle together with regular exercise and nutrition driven diet Power Limit, equips the body with the physical and mental stamina to respond proactively to challenges and stress. Power Limit is recognized throughout the world for helping to revive and maintain a man’s already normal state of health.

The unique duo of power for him and for her will help keep your life active and dynamic.

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Power Apricot is a rejuvenating combination of nourishing botanicals that helps maintain and revive a woman’s already normal health balance and equilibrium. Power Apricot can help support your body’s natural energy and activate overall feelings of well-being, an optimal physical and mental performance. Power Apricot’s rich tasting, all natural apricot flavor in itself is enough to delight pone’s disposition, conversely, the ingredients of power lemon support the overall health of men.

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HRT or at heart contains traditional botanicals that are used throughout the world for helping to maintain the body’s already normal circulatory processes and built in protections. HRT lozenge drops support the body’s ability to maintain healthy equilibrium as one encounter stress that can negatively affect one’s health.

Oh, well balanced and health protective daily intake of foods high and essential nutrients is an important part of health management. HRT lozege drops are deliciously flavored with all natural raspberry.

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SLD or slide is a carefully curated whole food blend that activates your body’s natural cleansing, soothing and rejuvenating processes.

Slide can help support your body’s ability to move with ease, comfort, and freedom. It also helps your body recover from daily exertion, exercise and activity. Let the taste of minty pear rejuvenate you.

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STP or Step Up is a soothing blend of whole food botanicals that stimulate the body’s healing response to occasional physical discomforts and soothes temporary aches and pains. It can help activate a calming effect in already healthy individuals and support rejuvenation from repetitive body movements, minor injuries, normal fatigue, and other factors that may occur during everyday life. Enjoy it’s all natural cherry taste

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BRN or Brainy is a synergistic blend of botanicals that support the body’s established cognitive capacity for learning, thinking, and managing stress. It contains essential nutrients that naturally protect cells and tissues, and it also helps the body to more effectively process information.

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BTY or Beauty, is a unique blend of 20 botanicals recognized throughout the world for their appearance enhancing and health promoting properties. Their combined synergy provides natural support to maintain helpful radiance, promote healthy aging and reveal one’s intrinsic attractiveness. For the balanced daily diet, regular fitness activities and proper rest, one can experience the perpetual rejuvenation that can make life beautiful through a naturally elevated, healthier lifestyle.

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Each of these amazing 15 products has a great taste, no tablets or capsules to take no powders to mix no juices to dilute, no sprays to use just delicious lozenges that dissolve in your mouth. If you’re interested in learning more about these unique products, get back with the person that referred you to this website.